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All Orders Will Be Sent Out Within 24-48 Hours....Usually Much Sooner!! Thank you!


There are so many you put their lives on the line for us each and every day. So we as a communtity must do what we can to help out. A few years ago, we got together and made over 300 of these masks and hubby and I sent them out to the troops. So I still want to offer this set for free as long as you promise to send them to the troops or give them to those who are serving to protect us! To those of you who serve...We cannot thank you enough! You are the reason we live free!

If you are willing to make these and give to the troops, please email me at

Troop Sleep Mask 


These are great to send to the troops! All of our lovely ladies around the world worked with us to make over 300 sleep masks and we sent them overseas and I'm sure they loved them.

 Above is a photo of the baggies we sent to them! Many of our members from my Yahoo group generously donated their time and supplies to make Sleep Masks, ID Holders and Checkerboards...and some even donated extras like gum, wipes, razors, slip jims, bandanas and lip balm. Plus hubby and I purchased the extra supplies to make sure every baggie had the same amount of supplies.

We were able to send 15 boxes and each box we sent contained 20 baggies which included one mask, 2 Slim Jims, 2 drink Mixes, razor, wipes, combs an ID Holder or 2 suckers and a Mini FSL Angel.  Plus one Checkerboard and Q-Tips or TTT Boards.  The masks and Checkerboard were made by our wonderful ladies from my group and made from my designs! I was so proud and grateful for all the help! We have an amazing community and I am so thankful for each and everyone of you! 


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