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Any time of year is a great time for our flip flops.  Here is my version of flip flops.  They are available in numerous sizes, starting with 10 inches tall and going down to 4 inches tall.  Sizes 10 - 7.5 available in 6x10 and the rest of the sizes are for 5x7 (requires two hoopings to make the bottom which is zig zagged together).   Each Flip Flop requires a hooping for the strap, a hooping for the decorative butterfly or flower and a hooping for the bottom of the flip flop (extra hooping for the 5x7 version of sizes). The strap is added in the hoop when you make the bottom. Instructions with photos are included!  You get All Sizes!!!

Includes the Flip Flop with strap and the Butterfly Appliqué Design with the Buttonholes, Butterfly Appliqué Design Alone (use Velcro or glue to attach to the straps), the Flower Appliqué Design with the Buttonholes, Flower Appliqué Design Alone (use Velcro or glue to attach to the straps)

Photos Above....Look how fabulous these look!!!  She make her flip flops to match her purse and they both look wonderful....She even added decorative buttons as additional these are the split 5x7 version and I love them!!!

Left side is 10 inches tall made from the 5x7 hoop and zig zagged together, Right side is 10 inches tall made in the 6x10 hoop!

Left shows Butterfly with Buttonholes, Right Shows Flower Alone (use glue or velcro to attach to the straps! 

All Sizes Flip Flops: $12.00,
Sale Price $6.00

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